(F)LOSS stock trading?

kreyren at rixotstudio.cz kreyren at rixotstudio.cz
Thu Feb 18 07:23:02 UTC 2021

On 2/17/21 4:32 PM, Bernhard E. Reiter wrote:
> Hello,
> Am Donnerstag 04 Februar 2021 03:25:22 schrieb Jacob Hrbek:
>> Looking for a (F)LOSS alternative to Robinhood
>> [<https://robinhood.com/us/en/>]
> a software product could be the app, but for real transactions to work,
> you'd need a broker (some sort of banking service).
> It would be quite cool, if there were more  Free Software apps for banking
> services that work with several banking providers and services.
> This would need an open standard that those apps and banks provide.
> (Maybe there is one already?)
> A search on fdroid at least find one Free Software client:
> https://f-droid.org/de/packages/com.liato.bankdroid/
> Hmm overall it seems a long way to get applications in source code
> that do stock trading like email application can connect to many email
> providers.
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard
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I am not aware of an open standard for the implementation, but i would 
think that defining one would open the door for these implementations.

About the broker note 
https://community.fsfe.org/t/f-loss-stock-trading-software/593/3 where i 
believe that the application could be federated with option for the 
end-user to switch the broker on demand as needed.

- Krey

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