FSFE-defined coding standards?

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnudd.com
Wed Feb 10 12:10:12 UTC 2021


I don't think FSFE should provide coding standard: everybody is
already doing that. Some coding standard make no sense, some are ugly,
some are good; you only need to choose yours -- or be forced by your

The problem your describe is that of bashisms.  I agree we should use
/bin/sh in published scripts (and ensure our own sh is not some
featureful derivation).

This applies to all extensions: any extension is not portable by
default, using it before it becomes ubiquitous is going to cause
problems, sooner or later.  But this position is not the most
fashionable nowadays. You can fight this battle, and loose it.

Thanks for remininding about the issue, I recently had proplems with
a mate's bashisms and small embedded systems.


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