Anyone knows a good Free Software Project Management Tool?

Michael Weimann mail at
Thu Sep 17 09:21:00 UTC 2020


> Erik Albers <eal at> hat am 17.09.2020 10:04 geschrieben:
> a friend is looking for a good Free Software Project Management tool that she
> says offers "similar experience as MS Projects or Asana", including Budget,
> Mile stones, task assignments etc.
> Anyone here has a good recommendation?

I have tried Tuleap [1] in the past. It is quite usable.
Some nice people from France are working on this.
Met them at some conferences.

Another option could be OpenProject [2].
While Tuleap covers software development very well
OpenProject is a bit more common project management.

I have read some posts from others recommending Redmine.
>From my real world experience:
With Redmine Bugzilla etc. you scare people away nowadays.
Yes - the software may work. But the UX is horrible.
This will end up in them buying "a proper" solution by M$ or Atlassian..

Best regards


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