Free GDPR compliance scanner hopefully getting reused

Carsten Agger agger at
Thu Sep 3 06:16:47 UTC 2020

>From "my very own world", I worked on an earlier version of this project
for three years (not all the time, though), but the latest version to
scan local disk drives is a complete rewrite by two of our other
developers, all written in Python and Django and some frontend stuff:

The version I worked on was a "web scanner" service to scan municipal
web sites to discover if they accidentally were leaking private
information. The "data scanner" can't be a service but must be installed
locally because it scans data that should never leave the premises of
the given organizations.

In all cases, it's nice that it's possible to do that kind of
specialized application in a way that's completely open to reuse:

"The software can easily be set up for testing and pilots. Next to
sharing all of the source code as open source, Magenta is making the
tool available in an Ubuntu container, ready for use."

best regards

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