Best video conferencing/distance learning tools?

Irmhild Rogalla irmhild.rogalla at
Fri May 1 07:14:31 UTC 2020

Am 30.04.20 um 20:39 schrieb Carsten Agger:
> I'm thinking og buying a low-power-consumption...
> I'm tempted to go with BigBlueButton - it seems to have everything and
> promises to be easy to install.
> Do anyone have experience running these things for practical use?
I don't have experience in *running* BBB, but in using and I'm very 
happy with this tool! I know  lot of video-conferencing systems and have 
special requirements, because I'm deaf and for every communication I 
need to see my sign language interpreters. BBB is the only 
systems/software I found (and I know a lot with more than five years of 
experience), with runs very stable, have low power consumption on user 
side, runs in Browser (without app), fulfill security and privacy 
requirements (including being open source) and is easy to use.

best regards


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