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Thu Mar 26 14:45:59 UTC 2020

Hi Jan,

Am Montag 23 März 2020 22:01:53 schrieb Jan Wey.:
> - Let a moderator give it a list of pseudonyms via some admin-interface
> - print one of the 25 names, when opening a second URL. This should
> consider, that some names may be taken by others already.
> Does anyone here know of such tool OR has a better idea to organize an
> anonymous online vote/poll?

it is possible to do this kind of pseudo-anonymous (aka nameless) voting with

(Disclosure: My company Intevation is the main driver of the Free Software 
product OpenSlides and also offers commercial hosting and support for it.)

Check out the (will be in Englisch if your Browser 
is set to English, except for a few texts). If  - for instance - you go to 
the "Motions", select a motion until you are in the details view for it.
You can "+ New Vote". In the upcoming dialog, you can select the voting type
and the group that is elegible to vote. Delegates have their personal account
with their name to follow the assembly. Now you have two possibilities:

a) just use the "non-nominal" vote and trust the security of the system.
(you'll get a warning that this cannot fully guarantee that this is anonymous, 
we'll still work on the best phrasings for this.)

b) You hand out an number of pseudo accounts per random selection as a second 
account to all of your delegates. Assign it to a new group, call it something 
like "delegates-for-voting". Then you do a "nominal" vote with the new group,
publish it, so that all can check. And if the vote is accepted, you can make
a printout and later delete the votes with the list of pseudonyms from the 
online system.

Okay, this was the quick run-through.
If you have questions, we've also send you a personal mail in German. :)

Best Regards,

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