nitter equivalent for telegram

Dmitry Alexandrov dag at
Tue Jun 16 22:02:05 UTC 2020

V F <veronicapfiorentino at> wrote:
> Hmmm...


>>> Many communities get locked behind it and I cannot access anything.
>> Locked behind what?  If you have not access to a certain ‘community’ (i. e.

Yes, it seems [0] to be exactly the case, that this ‘community’ is not readable anonymously.


>> how do you expect a third-party useragent to help you with that?
> just like nitter

Nitter wonʼt help you with that.  Itʼs just a client for Twitter, not a magic wand that circumvent any access restriction.

> or bibliogram.

I am not familiar with Bibliogram.  If it provides you with a shared account, like, for instance, Aurora Store [1] does for Google Play, then it could help, of course; and what youʼve really meant to ask is: “Where can I get a shared credentials for Telegram?”.

I have never investigated this question: itʼs quite easy to get a temporary phone number instead, and sign up for Telegram by yourself.  And, perhaps, to share you credentials afterwards to help others. ;-)

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