nitter equivalent for telegram

V F veronicapfiorentino at
Tue Jun 16 09:37:19 UTC 2020


> I believe, it would be more productive to ask something more specific —
> namely, what do you what to achieve.

Lets say I would like to see if my question was asked and solved
cannot as it is at

>> Many communities get locked behind it and I cannot access anything.
> Locked behind what?  If you have not access to a certain ‘community’ (i. e.

> resource), how do you expect a third-party useragent to help you with that?
just like nitter or bibliogram.

> As for (b), many various SaaSʼes exist out there, including some
> Telegram-related, but I found it inappropriate to advertise them here.

Then do not type here!

> As for (a), I have never heard of one, and I am not surprised of that for
> the following reason. is a modern ‘webapp’ written in a
> clean client-server manner, so writing Nitter was a task of writing
> alternative frontend for undocumented yet pretty stable API.  While
> is implemented in a more old-school fashion (it is rather akin
> to <>), which on the one hand makes it perfectly
> usable without running ad-hoc javascripts in your browser, but on the other
> hand makes writing a client for it an unpleasant task, that requires parsing
> an output for humans.
> There is quite a few free clients for non-anonymous Telegram interface,
> though, including the official one.

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