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Fri Jan 10 14:50:47 UTC 2020

Agree a lot with PB and apologies in advance.

> I suggest you join forces with some friends/your local hacker space to set up your own pihole instance. Sadly privacy means hard work but its worth it ;)

This is the reason why I asked if a non-profit regional or global
organisation can do it -to avoid conflict of interest. And there are
more people to take care of servers. Doing it in a locally mean -
friends/people keep moving - changing life always means things are
left to die. Of course, ideally, a company should do so that it lasts
longer - but then profit motives come along and ruin any

> My guess would be, that the FSFE is simply too busy with keeping their existing infrastructure running, to setup yet another public service that needs maintenance.
> Also, it is the goal of the FSFE to educate people about technology and the best way people learn is by doing. It is far better when people learn to use technology to protect themselves and their friends independently then if they'd just make use of some provider without understanding what's going on. In the end they'd end up having to trust yet another party (the FSFE in this case).

Sure you can teach or bring awareness. But seriously:
May be this *educate* strategy did not work (well  - at least)
May be this decade (or end of last decade) needs a rethink of
strategy. As people change, new generation view consumption of
information differently. Otherwise, don't you think the *same* old
strategy will bite the dust? Even if you educate people they will use
netflix or amazon. Thinking 2000s type is not viable anymore, at least
I feel.

1. An artist/taxi driver/chef/biologist cannot install pi-hole, tried
it. People are afraid/reluctant to muck with electronics.
2. Even in my local fsfe chapter none of the individuals have pi-hole
(Reasons: Ahh.. sd-card failed, no micro-usb charger, sorry iPhone
user blah..)
3. People that are vulnerable are the ones that need *easy/simple*
help - not complicate their lives.
4. People have no time
5. Any change in peoples's behavior must be done as easy as possible
6. Take for example, fair trade (I mean the concept not trademark) -
they do not say buy your 'wool' and DIY. Just establish something and
bring it to customer in a quick way. May be you can charge a few EUR
to use the DNS or whatever.
7. If some thing like FSFE absolve oneself from responsibility then I
ask what or who would do these stuff?

Are there plans to reevaluate strategies/plans since FSFE founding in
2001? Can it be same forever?

> But as I noted in my previous message, having a broad and coherent strategy
> means providing "actionable" solutions, and if a solution such as pi-hole
> isn't practical then organisations like the FSFE should be looking to
> facilitate improvements in order to strengthen and deliver that strategy.

100 % agree

Having 'actionable' solutions is paramount if one needs to provide it
for 'end-user'.  Honestly, the pages of 'print' material that every
time I find our chapter distributes and later I find 'most' of them
going to 'bin' in the corner of the street as the 'public' skims over
the FOSS booklet and dumps it like a 'religious' pamphlet. Instead,
build a virtual server may be more eco-friendly. Sorry.

> Saying "Free Software is great" and then "you're on your own" is not a
> credible strategy.

This 'attitude from foss fans' especially makes one sound like a snob
- absolutely counter productive (and people run to iOS/macOS).  Please
take some inspiration from F-Droid or newpipe or
SmartYouTubeTV/nitter. Sure, newpipe promotes/uses proprietary
services - but average human cannot be '100 % pure' living with webm.
Of course code development of newpipe is done in github (purists get
crazy again).

Apologies once again if this was rude. Again this is not pointed at
FSFE or so. Overall I mean any overall FOSS type communities - us as a
whole including myself (who is new to this world).

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