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Carsten Agger agger at
Thu Jan 9 21:07:24 UTC 2020

Minor report from the trenches of free software development, but a
project for Danish local authorities I've been heavily involved with the
last few years (since 2015, getting up to speed since 2017) made it to
the Joinup site:

Basically, it's about something as bureaucratic as maintaining
authoritative organisation hierarchies, e.g. for local authorities
(which the tools was specifically made to support). Ideally, all
onboarding etc. of new staff could be done in this tool with
integrations in place to allow automatic access to other systems the
employees would need. Or, as it says in the article:

"OS2mo keeps tabs on the hierarchical links between units, manages lists
of employees, per unit, project and task. It provides a management
interface that shows for each unit, department, project team and person
who is responsible for what, who else is involved, and which IT systems
are being used. The information is easily exchanged with access
directories and other IT management systems, helping to create, change
and manage roles in an organisation, and manage user rights and access
rights. And then, OS2mo can also work as an organisation’s address book,
displaying contact details and presence information."

What is also interesting is that as small as this tool is, we also hope
it can serve as a door opener for other free software, which has *not*
otherwise been a priority for Danish local authorities. In order to run
this system, based as it is on PostgreSQL, Flask and Python (and some
frontend stuff) the municipalities need to provide a GNU/Linux server,
and for many of our customers this has been a first and a struggle with
their own IT departments.

I'm sorry if people find this announcement off-topic for this list, but
I can't help but be a bit excited to see a project I've been working on
for so long getting ready to go out there - and hopefully open more
doors for free software in the municipalities, as they see that it works
and is much cheaper than the proprietary systems they normally use for
these things.

Best regards,

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