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Carmen Bianca Bakker carmenbianca at
Tue Jan 7 14:17:12 UTC 2020

Je mer, 2020-01-01 je 13:15 +0100, V F skribis:
> After Googleing a bit I found there are few pi-hole open to everyone to use.
> I am not an expert in network (actually a zoologist) things but I was
> wondering why not FSFE build a open pihole server?
> Instead of trusting some people on the internet (there are warnings
> about using someones dns server???) FSFE is a trustable place.

I like the idea, but I'm not sure the FSFE actually has the resources
to maintain more tech resources than it currently does. The problem
with setting up such a server is that it's a commitment into the
future. You can't take it down after a few years, because it will break
people's workflows. And if it turns out that the server becomes more
popular than anticipated, then it's even more problematic. How do you
maintain a popular server when most of the people working for the FSFE
aren't server administrators?

On a grander scale, I think a better solution would be that relying on
a server is not necessary. Imagine instead that a distribution might
include a `spyware-dns-hosts` package that modifies `/etc/hosts` with
the same kind of blacklist that pi-hole uses.

Or maybe browsers could ship with much stronger privacy protection. I
believe that Firefox is flirting with the idea of blocking more ads by
default, but I'm not extremely well-read on that topic.

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