Antivirus for Android?

Jonke Suhr suhrj at
Fri Dec 18 11:39:47 UTC 2020

Hi Lucas,

I'm no Android expert, but I do believe Android has a strong security 
model (provided you are using the latest version) which relies on the 
sandboxing of all apps.

I'm unaware of any recent large-scale attacks targeting Android users. 
If your friend is diligent and uses only trusted sources for apps (no 
shady third-party app stores), he shouldn't need to worry.



On 18/12/2020 11.29, Lucas Lasota wrote:

> Hello,
> a friend has asked me if there would be an "antivirus" or at least an
> app against malware in Android.
> What do you think - there are some FOSS alternatives out there or such
> app would not make sense?
> Thanks a lot for your feedback!
> Lucas

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