Smartphone as Webcam with Free Software?

Dmitry Alexandrov 321942 at
Wed Apr 29 17:44:09 UTC 2020

Dmitry Alexandrov <321942 at> wrote:
> "Bernhard E. Reiter" <bernhard at> wrote:
>> but non of them an encrypted stream.
> Why do you need encryption if you are going to use USB connection?

Yet, there is thing to be concerned about in your use-case — it is missing _authorization_.  And itʼs much more serious issue, since net.majorkernelpanic.spydroid listens on _any_ interface — even global if your little machine has one.  And it does not provide a user interface to configure it the other way.

So youʼd better command a machine, where ‘Spydroid’ will be running, to accept connections to its port only from USB (‘rndis’ in *droid lingo).  Something like that, if I am not mistaken:

	# iptables -I INPUT ! -i rndis+ -p tcp --dport 8086 -j REJECT
	# ip6tables -I INPUT ! -i rndis+ -p tcp --dport 8086 -j REJECT
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