Smartphone as Webcam with Free Software?

Dmitry Alexandrov 321942 at
Wed Apr 29 16:10:22 UTC 2020

"Bernhard E. Reiter" <bernhard at> wrote:
> Does somebody know how to use an android smartphone as webcam with Free Software?
> On F-droid I've found

Not a webcam at all.

> they are all a few years old

So what?

> and all offer wifi
> And no USB solution on sight?

Both of them stream video over RTSP, i. e. over TCP/IP which which is medium-agnostic.  So feel free to use USB.

> but non of them an encrypted stream.

Why do you need encryption if you are going to use USB connection?

> Has somebody seen better instructions for making this work?

I have not tried pl.hypeapp.endoscope but net.majorkernelpanic.spydroid have worked out of a box for me.  No instructions needed.
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