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Christian Imhorst christian.imhorst at fsfe.org
Tue Sep 24 16:14:26 UTC 2019

Hi Bernhard,

I have a Fairphone 2 since 10 month. It comes with Android 6 and Google but I could flash easily Fairphone OpenOS, Android 7 without Google. I also use a Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 with Replicant. Would be cool if we could have Replicant on the Fairphone 2/3. :-)

The update situation in the FP2 with Fairphone OpenOS is really good. Last updates are from 01.09.2019. The battery could be better but it's okay and without Google services the phone can run ~1.5 days. 

I haven't tested UBPorts or SailfishOS on the FP2 but I bet they will port it to the FP3, too. I am happy with Android and Fairphone OpenOS and F-Droid store. I would buy a FP3 but I want to use my FP2 as long as possible for reasons of sustainability.


Am 23. September 2019 10:05:52 MESZ schrieb "Bernhard E. Reiter" <bernhard at fsfe.org>:
>got caught by surprise by the launch of the Fairphone 3.
>It is clear that their success of pushing the state of the art in the
>area of 
>consumer mobile phones is based on Free Software (like Android).
>The details are interesting, as there can always be something improved.
>Does somebody have alreadys looked at the new model from the Free
>Having 10 out of 10 repairability score from iFixit is very good,
>they are keeping their high standards from FP2.
>My experiences:
>* I know a few persons owning and running FP1 for years, very reliably,
> almost 6 years. When the battery could not officially produced anymore
>(understandable), the community found a replacement. Some still run the
>Problem: the chipset choice made it hard to have a better software
>  and Android 4.4 is dropping out of support by important apps. 
>* The two FP2 models I saw in vicinity had small hardware issues with
>  an rebooting, it was less a workable "mainstream" phone than others.
>The modular approach was cool, though. I read that root and other
>  were possible.
>* The FP3 announcement policy did not work for me. On of the persons
>with the 
>FP1 needed a replacement (because of software and battery life) and a
>phone with lineagesOSmicrog was bought, because the state of the FP3
>  unclear in the first half of this year. 
>I've heard that a sailfish OS port to FP3 is likely. :)
>That is also a mobile phone operating system which (limited) success is
>on Free Software a lot. 
>What are your experiences?
>What is the best argument you could make for something if you wanted to
>the chance of this person buying an FP3?
>Best Regards,

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