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Bonnie Mehring bonnie at
Mon Sep 2 13:47:51 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

over the weekend I had a look for different versions of the free
software song.

For an impression of what we are looking for:

Something like this:

or like this: (couldn't find
a peertube video)

or like this:

or totally different.

So if you have any idea I would be glade to hear about it :) I attached
the song with lyrics and notes, so if you want to have a look at it feel

Looking forward to all your great ideas.

Best wishes


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On 8/29/19 3:25 PM, Bonnie Mehring wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> at the CCC Camp last week we had great fun organizing and participating
> in our "free software song sing along-session", with lots of people.
> Some of them even had a guitar and we started making up new versions of
> the "free software song". We had some modern as well as rock versions
> and it got us the attention of the people around us. As this might be a
> fun and easy way to get into contact with new people, who could be
> interested in free software, it might be a good idea to have different
> versions of the "free software song". What do you think?
> This is the reason why we are looking for remixes of the free software
> song. The remixes do not need to be anything like the original, except
> for the text :) and of course they need to be licensed under a free
> license.
> So if you are a musician, maybe you could write a remix for the next
> event and we could promote it and sing it all together?
> Best wishes and looking forward to all the creative thoughts about this!
> Bonnie
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