How FSFE is organised

Florian Snow floriansnow at
Mon Oct 21 05:27:36 UTC 2019

Hi Paul,

Paul Boddie <paul at> writes:
> The problem with this from the perspective of an outsider, who is or
> has been supporting a community-oriented organisation like FSFE, is
> that it doesn't give me anything more than "indicators".

I agree that we should be more transparent about the Legal Network.  I
am sure it does great work, but even as a GA member, I still have a very
limited perspective.  I noticed that on several occasions.  I think
there have been some improvements in that regard, but not enough yet.  I
think something that would be good is news items about the work there.
Without knowing exactly what happens in the LN, it is hard for me to say
if that would be feasible, but I would imagine there are success stories
that all parties involved would be happy to talk about.

Happy hacking!

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