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Florian Snow floriansnow at
Mon Oct 21 05:20:49 UTC 2019

Hi Paul,

Paul Boddie <paul at> writes:
> I am sorry for the confusion here. In fact, I wasn't referring to the
> FSFE with my remark, but the following crowdfunding campaign promoted
> on this mailing list four years ago by a FSFE General Assembly member:

I am also very unhappy with how that went.  I backed the campaign as
well and got nothing out of it.  I need to go back and find the original
announcement e-mail on this list, but I sincerely hope there was no
advertising *as* as GA member.  I would expect this to be clearly marked
as a private opinion.  If it was not, we need to communicate that better
for the future.

> Although I wasn't referring to the FSFE, I do wonder whether anyone
> else feels that there are certain common themes involved. For
> instance, a lack of transparency and a lack of responsiveness to
> genuine concerns. People can easily perceive these situations as
> "thanks for the money so that we can do our thing", at which point
> meaningful engagement ends.

That is indeed something we need to watch out for.  I personally feel
that people who engage with us, either here on the list or in our teams,
have access to a lot of information.  We usually share it within teams
because those teams work on those topics.  And if it sounds interesting
to everyone, we make it a news item or so.  We also work hard to make
those ways to engage more visible:  That is why we have a redesigned
contribute page on our website and why we don't have guest accounts
anymore.  If someone supports us by dedicating time, they get the same
benefits as a supporter and I feel that is a meaningful way to engage.
I know this is all anecdotal, but I very much felt that when I started
engaging with the FSFE.  I very quickly became part of many teams and my
opinion is always valued, especially because I tend to disagree.  So
what I understand from you is that we should do the same for people who
don't engage with us in our work, but who give us money.  What would you
feel is a good way to achieve that?

Happy hacking!

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