How FSFE is organised

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Oct 11 09:41:18 UTC 2019

On Thursday 10. October 2019 18.33.57 Carsten Agger wrote:
> On 10/10/19 2:04 PM, Paul Boddie wrote:
> > Are we left to assume that whatever consensus was reached at this event is
> > the reason for the FSFE being indifferent about possibly the most
> > significant licence compliance case in Europe in recent years? (One that
> > was only "settled" by the defendant coincidentally deciding to rewrite
> > the offending code.)
> Excuse me, but I don't understand the reference. Could you clarify?

> > And what are we to make of an event that is presumably sponsored by an
> > organisation who was - maybe still is - in a frivolous legal conflict with
> > another Free Software organisation operating in the same realm (who
> > presumably does not participate in this event)?
> Ditto, i.e., re: the lawsuit.


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