FSFE-in-2020: Who are we?

Mirko Boehm mirko at fsfe.org
Wed Oct 9 08:02:16 UTC 2019


> On 8. Oct 2019, at 17:32, Bernhard E. Reiter <bernhard at fsfe.org> wrote:
>> Did the whole process grind to a halt, perhaps due to broader collaboration
>> issues?
> in short: Yes.
> Though maybe "broader collaboration" is a bit coarse.
> My personal take: the process was too heavy and it turned out it could not 
> deliver what was expected from it. We've also had less time of the people 
> available who were the ones driving it. Then other other distractions came
> to be and the most important goal of FSFE is to help people learn about Free 
> Software, so we kept doing more for Free Software and less internal 
> organisational questions. (Again I believe all this to be normal for an 
> organisation, though we should aim for writing more about this. Sorry for not 
> doing so earlier and thanks for the question and reminder in the other 
> thread.)

I think we are getting numb to bullshitting. So let me rephrase this in simple speech: The FSFE-in-2020 ground to a halt because the decision makers (our GA and the president) did not prioritise it and have no interest in the increased accountability and transparency that would inevitably follow from any sort of modernisation of FSFE.


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