Forcing students to use nonfree network services and software as a topic of a future campaign

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Sun Nov 24 16:25:27 UTC 2019

Hi Nico,

thanks for reading

> Personally I believe we already have so many different topics to focus
> on (governmental policies, PMPC, Open Standards, Router freedom, DRM
> exemptions, eduction, etc.) and so I like to align my efforts with the
> FSFE campaigns to have a greater impact. Doing a few things right,
> rather than a lot of things badly. But of course you are free to
> initiate an effort yourself.

Yes, that is more than fair enough. I was already aware of that, and in 
my original email I extended the proposal to readers of the list working 
on the issue beyond their FSFE affiliation.
Even with the idea for a campaign set aside, I'm looking forward to 
reading more people's takes on the topic.

> From your writing I get the impression that this was an incident
> uncommon at your institution.

It was probably unwise to make so much of my email about this specific 
It was one of the least problematic examples of forced use of 
proprietary software
in academia. But it was the incident that sparked the idea, that's why I 
brought it up.


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