Voting and Free Software

Florian Snow floriansnow at
Wed Nov 20 06:37:52 UTC 2019

Hi Harald,

Thank you very much for the detailed and very nice summary of what
happened back then in Germany.  It was indeed an important victory for

Harald Welte <laforge at> writes:
> In fact, I find it highly problematic not only in public elections, but
> I also find it very problematic for any kind of democratic voting even
> within "private" entities.  I find it ridiculous that e.g. German political
> parties use electronic voting systems to elect their candidates.
> But for political parties which nominate who will be on the
> list of people that I can then vote for in public elections? I would
> consider that quite problematic...

The party doesn't even have to vote on their candidates, they could just
nominate them if they wanted to, so I think whether or not they use
voting computers is an internal matter.

Happy hacking!

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