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>> I am against using computers to enter votes.
>> See
> Thank you for the pointer. I did not know about that page. 

Meanwhile in Switzerland... (Text in German)

Short summary: Computer chaos at elections with e-voting in Freiburg, Switzerland

According to the timetable of the State Chancellery, the final results
should have been published in the early afternoon. But then suddenly
nothing worked any more, in at least two districts there were problems
with the transmission of the voting results. The journalists began to
add up the results from the municipalities themselves. The problem
lasted more than 8 hours (apparently from 13 to 21:15).

Even before all the municipalities had been counted, the CVP party
leadership announced that it would appeal "in view of the confusion" if
the final result was close. In other words, it no longer had absolute
confidence that the result communicated would actually meet the will of
the voters.

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