Voting and Free Software

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Wed Nov 6 08:50:01 UTC 2019

Le 05/11/2019 à 08:55, Matthias Kirschner a écrit :
> Do you agree with this criticism or what do you think about that topic?

Hi, this is Roberto Di Cosmo, one of the oldest and most important free 
computing activists in Europe. I'd like to read its book « Technologie 
et Marché : journal d'un consommateur insatisfait ».

A few months ago, I attended 
<>. The activist presented us 
a solution that could almost work. It would need that every voter had a 
couple of public/private key and a very specific workflow.

But anyway, another problem is: should we still act like if elections 
had the effects our dictators say they have? In the same family of 
events in Paris area, the subject is more and more on the table, 
especially around the question of the liberty deputies really have, or, 
more realistically, don't have.
One of the main talk is, in french: 

I attend another talk from her(she's a former deputy and disgusted) two 
days ago, she said that telling people that voting has effect is a lie.

I'd like to make a Webpage with all these talks in chronological order, 
to show the growing of the reflexions on the subject as time runs(and 
why not an offline archive in the same order). And for a lot of others 
things but have so much other things to do... and it's very much data to 

One of the argument in the event 19086 was that electronic voting would 
improve democracy by enabling others types of votes counts, better than 
the "majority in two turns" one.
Cordialement, Stephane Ascoet

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