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Alexander Sander alex.sander at
Wed May 29 08:50:28 UTC 2019

Hi all,

On 29.05.19 07:43, Florian Snow wrote:
> Hi Vitaly,
> Vitaly Repin <vitaly_repin at> writes:
>> Strong assiociation with any political movement (eurosceptics,
>> liberals, social democrats etc) is a mistake in my opinion.
> I agree.  That is why the FSFE does not associate itself with a
> political movement.  We want to be able to talk to any politician.
 I also agree.

>> Why can't FSFE monitor how each and every MEP voted for the matters
>> regarding free software dyring the current and previous election term
>> and present this statistics at FSFE web site (searchable web pages +
>> json/xml)?
> I like the idea, but I also worry about its effect.  Other groups have
> similar lists, for instance the NRA about gun control in the US, and
> there's a guy who makes US politicians sign a pledge to never raise
> taxes and he tracks that.  It creates a problem when people take this
> lists about singular issues as the sole basis for their vote.  Politics
> is more complicated than that and I personally feel that while Free
> Software is important, there are clearly more existential issues out
> there that should take precedence.  Some politicians will be more
> knowledgable about those than about Free Software and when it comes to
> technology, they will vote with their trusted colleagues.  I would not
> want to fault them for that.

I also agree. It is also way more efficient to look for MEPs who tabled
Amendments in our direction than to simply look for voting results.
First, you can just monitor RCVs, so you won't be able to figure out who
did what and why and also you will miss the real heros, namely the ones
who table and support a specific Amendment.

In general: We will get in contact with all MEPs after the summer break
once they have organized them self. This will be done with our brochure
and PMPC. Also we are doing a Policy Event at the end of September in
Brussels to get in contact with new MEPs.



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