Euro Elections and fsfe

Paul Sutton zleap at
Mon May 27 17:06:02 UTC 2019


Hopefully this is not seen as off topic.  Now the Euro Elections are
over and I am guessing within the next couple of days we should be
getting information on how we can contact our respective representatives

I think it is a great opportunity to get in touch and help push what we
would like from them.

Perhaps we can gather a few ideas here, links etc, get sometemplates for
e-mails so we can get in touch and hopefully put on a united front.

It seems the UK voted quite substantially in favour of the Euro
copyright directive, however these MEPs are now out. The Brexit Party
MEPs are in, so perhaps we can, over the next few months,  start to ask
them to help make a difference, as they are against the EU laws, however
there may be one or two laws that would work in our favour.  lets push
Public Money , Public code.

These MEPs are in for 5 years,  However I am guessing If the UK should
hold and vote in yet another referendum there is a chance the previous
referendum result will be reversed, this won't stop the Brexit MEPs
staying for their full term. So 5 years of euro sceptic MEPs something
that we can surely take advantage of.

Just a thought

Paul Sutton
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