Matthias Kirschner, FSFE and Fraud in free software

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On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 10:14 AM Daniel Pocock <daniel at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Matthias Kirschner sent an email recently using the word Fraud.
> If any of you downloaded the mailing list data that FSFE made available,
> what you have done is much like browsing a list of your friend's friends
> on social media.  Millions of people do that every day.
> Europe's stringent new privacy regulation, the GDPR, is for enterprises.
>  FSFE e.V. is regulated under GDPR.  You and I, as volunteers, are
> private individuals and we are not subject to that regulation.
> We can talk to each other.
> In a free country, citizens communicating with each other are not
> committing any crime.
> Please don't be afraid of Kirschner when he behaves like a toddler,
> stamping his foot and throwing tantrums.
> In Nazi Germany and the GDR, fear reigned and people were discouraged
> from talking to each other.  Kirschner's email is a blatant attempt to
> maintain a similar culture of fear.
> Kirschner appointed his staff and friends to be the only official
> members of FSFE e.V. so he never has to face a real vote.  Is a leader
> who is appointing his employees to vote for him a real leader, or simply
> a coward?
> In the middle ages, feudal lords, like Kirschner, didn't put themself up
> for election either.  They wanted to be president for life, like the
> despotic dictators of impoverished countries.  Every now and then, the
> feudal lord would burn a witch or lock somebody in the stocks to keep
> the community afraid.  Can you see echoes of this in the way Kirschner
> has treated a volunteer, your fellowship representative, for talking
> about censorship?
> Kirschner has spent more than a year spreading defamation behind my
> back.  That is how he sought to undermine your decision to vote for me.
> Now we have seen it in his public email.  Some people asked me why I
> kept this going: I didn't, I resigned in September 2018.  Kirschner has
> kept it going in numerous ways.
> For many years, the FSFE web site invited you to Join.  But you were
> never recorded as members.  You never received invitations to the annual
> meeting.  Was the "Join" button a Fraud organized by Kirschner?
> FSFE told you that you could vote for a representative.  The President,
> Matthias Kirschner, insisted on exercising control over communications
> from the representative to the community, even secretly applying a
> communications policy[1] to the representative.  Is that real
> representation?  Or was that potentially an example of Kirschner's FSFE
> making a Fraud?
> FSFE e.V. has been registered as a charitable organization for tax
> purposes.  However, FSFE's focus has changed dramatically from pursuing
> what is best for society to getting what is best for the corporate
> donors like Google.  It is perfectly OK for businesses to set up lobby
> groups: but it isn't OK for them to masquerade as charities and profit
> from taxpayers and the work of unpaid volunteers.   Herr Kirschner,
> could the charitable registration be a Fraud?
> Kirschner claims that FSFE is transparent and makes reference to
> Transparency International.  Yet the published[2] accounts are the most
> opaque set of accounts I've ever seen.  Even Swiss banks reveal more.
> Could the Transparency claim be a Fraud?
> Matthias Kirschner wrote a long email last week making many references
> to legal counsel and law enforcement.  There has been no communication
> whatsoever from both legal counsel and law enforcement.  Not one
> lawyer's letter, not one inquiry from police.  No SWAT teams and no
> Panzer tanks crawling up the street.
> Authorized downloads of the mailing list are simply not a crime.
> Kirschner's email looks like the behaviour of somebody who is not a
> police officer putting on a police uniform and pretending to be a
> policeman.  Matthias Kirschner, is your email itself the biggest Fraud?
> Regards,
> Daniel
> 1.
> 2.
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> Former FSFE Fellowship Representative
> Debian Developer
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