Free Software in Munich - FSFE thanks cabaret artist Christine Prayon

Stephane Ascoet stephane.ascoet at
Thu May 16 12:16:14 UTC 2019

Le 15/05/2019 à 13:48, Besnik Bleta a écrit :
> was FSFE chosen because of its fight or the lack thereof? Either
> way, FSFE should refuse taking that money. It's money coming from the
> 50 + 37 = 87 million deal of City of Munich against Free Software.

Hi, the last point isn't a problem for me, but the first is a good 
concern. I think that if FSFE doesn't know how to use this huge amount 
of money, it could consider ask her to give it to another similar 
organisation. For example, I think that the most urgent fight by now is 

If this law become reality, Europe will be China and all fights of any 
organisation in every domain going in another way than the "world 
company" way would be threaten by censorship.

Cordialement, Stephane Ascoet

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