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Am Freitag 10 Mai 2019 17:37:19 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> Maybe the FSFE Wiki could host such information, particularly if
> the adminstrators reinstalled a half-decent way of formatting tables.

Personally I think that the main work is in keeping the info maintained.
(Independently from the technology.)

> I didn't even think there were very many available Sailfish devices these
> days, 

The've changed strategy to port to devices from other hardware vendors.
In my view for the better.

So currently available are
  The Sony Xperia™ XA2 product range and Sony Xperia™ X
  Gemini PDA.
and upcoming is Cosmo.
See (except for infos about Cosmo)
> > Most of them work well and the main point is diversity. Apart from
> > Google's GNU/Linux distribution called "Android", there is almost no
> > other one people could by if they wanted to. Actually "Android" is a big
> > success for Free Software as most consumer devices now come with a Free
> > Software operating system by default. :)
> I don't share your enthusiasm, really. If people give me Free Software and
> yet deny me the benefits that it should bring, they might as well not be
> giving me Free Software to begin with.

Here I disagree, I think each step forward is good.
While of course it maybe two steps forward and one back, including new 
challenges. And I do remember other times, so I know the progress regarding 
Free Software in the last 30 years.

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