FSFE support for Pirate Party at EU Election on Free Software?

Max Mehl max.mehl at fsfe.org
Tue May 14 11:20:53 UTC 2019

Hi Karun,

~ Karun [2019-05-13 23:50 +0200]:
> Personally i was not very impressed by the German pirate party. In any
> case there are more policies to consider and not only free software in
> choosing whom to vote for.

I agree to your last point, and that's what I also meant in the last
paragraph of my prior email. The same goes for FSFE activities like Ask
Your Candidates [^1] or the "Digital-O-Mat" we've participated in [^2].


[^1]: https://fsfe.org/campaigns/askyourcandidates/

[^2]: https://fsfe.org/news/2017/news-20170829-01.html

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