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Christian Imhorst christian.imhorst at fsfe.org
Mon May 13 09:57:37 UTC 2019


this is not an election, this is a farce. And I will not vote for anyone 
in this farce. There is no election commitee I trust, so I doubt that 
these are free and fair elections. The only thing you'll get here is 
maybe a tendency, what the rebels, malcontents and mavericks of the FSFE 
community want or don't want.

I support FSFE and not FSF - among other things - because of Stallman. 
No question RMS did much good for the Free Software movement. After all, 
he founded it and he is one of the reasons why Free Software even 
exists. But I don't think he should stay any longer the figurehead of 
the Free Software movement. Seems the longer he has any say, the longer 
he will poison the well. He hurts his mission with statements about 
sexual abuse, dehumanizing disabled people and denigrating women.

Btw: I have written 2 emails to lists.fsfellowship.eu. I think they 
never get it to his mailling list and I can not find them in the 

Looks like I am censored by Daniel Pocock.

Christian Imhorst

Am 13.05.2019 10:41 schrieb Ingrid Schwarz:
> Hello,
> Sorry everybody for not replying over the weekend, here are some of my 
> policies
> Many Fellows use the fsfe.org email addresses.  The Fellowship Council
> will demand a meeting with Richard Stallman and Matthias Kirschner to
> understand the conflict about the FSFE name and also represent the
> interests of Fellows who may be unaware of the conflict or
> inconvenienced.  If FSF really objects to the name like in the leaked
> email then Fellows need to stop using it now, we shouldn't be trying
> to extort things from FSF.  People can't accuse the last Fellowship
> rep of being entitled when FSFE is even more brazen using the name of
> another organization.  But I would try to get a good deal for Fellows
> to keep their email addresses even if FSFE loses the name, this is why
> it is so important for Fellows to have a voice in the Fellowship
> Council now.
> Another group where I volunteer runs an annual ball.  We sell tickets
> to all our friends, dress up and have a lot of fun.  Most members are
> able to sell between 6 and 10 tickets, enough to fill a table.
> Fellowship groups can bid to host a Fellowship ball in their city each
> year.
> Before I write a lot more about my ideas, I would like to see the
> policies of other candidates.
> One candidate has proposed to delete people from the mailing list
> without consent.  I don't feel comfortable about that and if we are
> both in the Fellowship Council, I would vote against it.
> Yours,
> Ingrid
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> On Wednesday, May 8, 2019 5:16 PM, Ingrid Schwarz
> <ingrid.schwarz at protonmail.ch> wrote:
>> Dear fellows,
>> Conflict like this doesn't erupt spontaneously.
>> Daniel isn't even a candidate but people are attacking him. They talk 
>> about respecting the Code of conduct in one sentence and break it in 
>> the next. He promised a smooth transition for the new council, I can't 
>> see any way that he profits from helping run the election, why can't 
>> people just say thank you and move on?
>> Both Daniel and Armijn have described thuggish behavior from FSFE 
>> bosses. Now we see it for ourselves.
>> I came across this quote from Georg Greve on the fsfellowship site:
>> "The Fellowship is an activity of FSFE, and indeed one of the primary
>> ways to get involved in the organisation. It is a place for community
>> action, collaboration, communication, fun, and recruitment that also
>> helps fund the other activities of FSFE, for example, the political 
>> work."
>> Moving the list to get around censorship appears to be a good example 
>> of that 'community action', activism and political work.
>> That is what political action looks like. It was effective. Now 
>> everybody knows there is censorship in FSFE. We didn't know before and 
>> now we do. It shouldn't be happening. If only more FSFE actions could 
>> get their point across so clearly. That's activism, isn't that what we 
>> signed up for? People can learn from somebody like Daniel.
>> I can't see any harm that can come about by having a fellowship 
>> council but I can see many benefits this council will have for free 
>> software. So I hereby nominate.
>> Yours,
>> Ingrid
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