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Fri May 10 08:11:40 UTC 2019

Am Mittwoch 08 Mai 2019 14:41:59 schrieb Carsten Agger:
> I'd say a reasonable goal would be that it should be
> realistically feasible for *everybody* to choose to use only free
> software, on all kinds of software-equipped devices that people normally
> use.

The challenge is that "realistically feasible" is different for everyone
and each situation. This is why FSFE's approach is to make sure that people 
and organisation can take the next step from where they are.

So we cannot label a certain solution as 100% or bad as this is never the 
case, there is almost always a next step. And for some the next step is too 
hard for others it is feasible. Our practical advise to people should take 
this into account. This is why we produce informantion on many levels and 
help people to educate themselfs and see the possibilities.

> Which would mean at least computers and mobile devices. If we look at
> computers, we're not quite there - people can, most of the time, opt to
> use free software in their private lives, but will often be forced to
> use proprietary software at work.

Even with the private life it can be very difficult (think official government 
interfaces or apps that have a huge advantage like flea markets or 
communication facilities).

For the work place: You could change the job where you do not need to work 
with computer or are allowed to only use Free Software.

> As for mobile devices, we're not there *at all*. It's definitely not
> realistically feasible for everybody to acquire devices with a free OS
> and run only free apps. 

Sure everybody could (in principle). It could be easier, but where to start?
You can buy mobile phones, desktop and notebook computers that only come with 
Free Software (maybe make a concession for drivers).

> That's part of the point Paul raised: We don't just need awareness about
> software freedom, we need actual software for people to use.

Agreed, the question is: How to get there?
Just starting a development of a component won't help.
We had to know: Which component? And then: what is it what people want?
(As people cannot say, unless they have experiened the solution.)

I am open for ideas how to get there, and the current strategy of FSFE
is to enable developments that are necessary for this to happen. This can be 
adapted and discussed, but it is a strategy and it works for the resources we 
have (and grows them). 

Best Regards,

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