Mobile devices and Free Software state of the art info point? (Re: Strategy and serendipity)

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your posts contain many thoughts. For me to respond in a useful way,
I'll try to split up topics. There are lessons to be found in the overall 
picture of course, but it will depend on the detailed chain of arguments.
When exploring some parts first, this is because I feel I can contribute to 
this part faster now.

Am Mittwoch 08 Mai 2019 15:05:53 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> On Wednesday 8. May 2019 09.03.48 Bernhard E. Reiter wrote:

> >  *
> You may have to provide a little more context about this for those of us
> who do not readily read German and who are unfamiliar with this initiative.

Best for me could be to collect information somewhere on the current state and 
history of mobile devices and Free Software. Like a wiki page, which we can 
update with several people. I think it would be helpful if we can point 
people to this place and say: if you want to know what is possible with 
mobile devices and Free Software, go to this place.

I'll see information here and there, because I am doing research for my own 
needed or for being a consultant for others. But there is no central place I 

Such an updated state of the art, could be the basis for two things:
a) what can I as a person or organisation do, if I want to go 
   to the next step from where I am standing.
b) an analysis that if someone wanted to change the situation, what
   could be done.

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