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Hello Reinhard,

I am unsure if your question is satire. I did not say or imply what you think I said. I will try to answer you question, risking that the answer points into the ether:

> On 7. May 2019, at 11:50, Reinhard Müller <reinhard at> wrote:
> Am 06.05.19 um 15:55 schrieb Mirko Boehm:
>> Most of the ground work on this issue was done by Openforum Europe.
>> [...]
>> Which means the interests of the free software community where
>> much less present in the process than is commonly assumed here.
> Is this implying that OFE actively works against the interests of Free
> Software, or are they just indifferent? I assume that you have some
> insight about this, being the Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Task
> Force at OFE.

There is a long way to go from "interests of the free software community where much less present” to "OFE actively works against the interests of Free
Software”. Is this an “you are either with me or against me” argument? Maybe you can explain how you got there.

> Also, given your involvement in the OFE side of the process, I
> understand that you of course see the amount of work done on that side.

The mission of OFE is this (from their web site): "OpenForum Europe (OFE) is a not-for-profit, European-based independent think tank which explains the merits of openness in computing to policy makers and communities across Europe.” “Open Source” is mentioned a couple of paragraphs down on their about-us page. “Free software” is not mentioned.[1]

OFE is a great ally to FSFE, and has a mission that is strongly related to ours. It is however not a software freedom focused organisation. It is good to work together. It is not a promising approach to rely on OFE to have software freedom represented in Brussels for us.

> Generally, I think it makes sense to, for specific activities, partner
> with other organisations if these other orgs pursue the same goals as we
> do, even if they do it for different reasons.


> In no case, IMHO, should we stop to fight for what is good for Free
> Software just because it happens to also be good for organisations or
> companies we don't like.



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