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Am Montag 06 Mai 2019 21:18:44 schrieb Carsten Agger:
> But maybe the FSFE should, if it were possible, consider producing and
> funding free software itself, the way the FSF has been funding and
> spearheading the GNU project.

The GNU project was started in different times. To me it has reached its goals 
and should have been called concluded for good. (See comments to my article 

FSFE did consider doing software development or running infrastructure, we 
even did something like this on a small scale in the past.
However each times the limits were visible.
It just does not work, as software development and innovation is not an 
expertise you can just buy. In addition FSFE would get into competition with 
many other good organisations (companies and others). That would not be a 
healthy separation of work.

This probably means more explanations, I am sure I've written a lot of stuff 
about this on mailinglists in the recent 18 years. Overall this is not just 
the FSFE: Centralized software development has a number of hard drawbacks.

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