obedience and control (was: ....)

Michael Kesper mkesper at schokokeks.org
Wed May 8 07:09:27 UTC 2019


On 07.05.19 10:33, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 03/05/2019 12:35, Florian Snow wrote:
>> Hi Christian,
>> I am also not directly involved in this, but I think legal action .... (snip)
>> (snip) For example, anyone who wants to can file a GDPR violation with their local data protection officer.
> Thanks to Florian and Carmen for bringing up the threats of legal
> action, just at Matthias did in private emails last year.
> Anybody who wants to go legal can just print this form, sign it and post it:
> https://fsfellowship.eu/assets/2019-data-breach-bundle.pdf

This is very nice. YOU did something illegal and now want that people get legal against FSFE.
> We are a community and we are Free to communicate with each other as we
> please.  This trailer makes it clear, are you a prisoner or a guard?

We as a community want to communicate with respect to each other as otherwise
no community can survive.

> https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250258/
> If the threat culture bothers you, feel free to unsubscribe[1] or send a
> resignation to privacy at fsfe.org

Thanks, no.


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