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Tue May 7 05:23:42 UTC 2019

Hi Paul,

Op 06-05-19 om 17:39 schreef Paul Boddie:
> But without sustained support for any collaboration, it is almost easier, 
> particularly for the software developers, to look for opportunities elsewhere. 
> People see new phones coming out all the time and hope that there is a quick 
> fix to be had: that everything will line up just fine and that Replicant, or 
> LineageOS, or whatever will just work miraculously, that the need to focus on 
> hardware will disappear.
> We are at the point where, unlike with desktop computers, we cannot simply 
> wait for "the market" to solve the problems facing Free Software on mobile 
> devices. Had a similar situation occurred with desktop computing, the FSFE 
> would have been limited to "Free Your Windows" campaigns.
> Advocating that people buy an ancient Galaxy device that was presumably 
> intercepted on its journey to being scrapped or sent to landfill, "while 
> stocks last", is not a sustainable situation over time. And Free Software 
> should be all about sustainability. This is where the FSFE and other 
> organisations lack apparent strategic direction.

I'm thankfull that the community has provided Replicant, which I use daily.

Could Samsung create legal and/or technical problems if the Replicant
project would become "too succesfull"?

Best regards,

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