On Censorship

Christian Imhorst christian.imhorst at posteo.de
Mon May 6 20:17:39 UTC 2019

Hi Karun,

Am 6. Mai 2019 19:11:58 MESZ schrieb Karun <kdambiec at fsfe.org>:
>After reading the posts here I’m seriously thinking to stop supporting
>the FSFE as a „supporter“ and also because of the fellowship
>discontinuation. In the Future it seems better to support the Free
>software Foundation in the us which’s more mature.

Sounds like a kneejerk reaction to me. There is no censorship in the FSFE. The maillinglist is just moderated not censored.

I disagree in some points with the FSFE, because I think we need more transparency etc. But there are many things I agree with e.g. "Public Money public code" etc. I think we need a strong FSFE in Europe to support our community.

So I don't think I have to stop my support because some privileged guys have their egotrips and have to share their Weltschmerz with our community to feel better. 

And no, FSF isn't more mature. At least not as long Stallman is in charge.


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