On Censorship

Carmen Bianca Bakker carmenbianca at fsfe.org
Mon May 6 17:27:28 UTC 2019

Je lun, 2019-05-06 je 10:58 -0400, Joe Awni skribis:
> I think it is absolutely important we avoid censorship in any communication in any form.

Hard skip. This is how you get 4chan; a racist, sexist, discriminatory
platform in which only the staunchest of Status Quo Warriors thrive
amidst bigoted diatribes.

> These people, and I’m assuming you consider them as people, who have censored others with the goal to maintain their status as a flagship organization in Free Software are the ones who actually deserve to be silenced themselves. 

So hypocrisy, then?

> This is a form of censorship known online as side-scrolling. Where irrelevant topics are inserted and refactored ad-nauseam until exhausting participants’ willingness to contribute to a discussion they view a onerous and unintelligent. Another form of censorship; effectively burying the discussion in irrelevance.  

This exact topic, then. I cannot emphasise enough how often this topic
has been regurgitated by a select few, making me want to participate
publicly less and less.

I'm just quietly participating by writing code and documentation for
the FSFE. I haven't faced any censorship while doing so, and I disagree
often and visibly. But I do so respectfully, and staff and volunteers
of the FSFE have treated me nothing short of excellently during my
internship and volunteer work.

That is to say: The FSFE is NOT a censorious organisation, and all the
kerfuffle about this topic is immensely unjustified.

I'm just tired of this. Please stop. Nobody is being silenced.

With regards,
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