free software promotion and local status

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Mon May 6 08:04:07 UTC 2019

Hi Paul,
thanks for sharing your experiences!

Helping others to understand Free Software is an ongoing task
and it needs wit and patience. :)

Am Freitag 03 Mai 2019 13:01:52 schrieb Paul Sutton:
> I tried to approach people such as digital unite in the UK, who are
> working to bridge the digital divide by developing digital skills.

That is I guess.

> They work on a set curriculum on how to use digital kit, use the
> Internet, use e-mail, social media etc,  and this is set by people above
> them and funded by government.

One of the next step can be to find out who has an influence
about what is taught and then start reasoning with them.
(There is quite a bit of evidence that teaching skill with and for Free 
Software products is better. Maybe some of this can be used to argu the 

Best Regards,

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