Unsubscription amusement

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon May 6 08:00:06 UTC 2019

On 06/05/2019 00:00, Paul Boddie wrote:
> Hello,
> I see that some people are still having fun with the Mailman interface trying 
> to unsubscribe people from this list, specifically or 
> ip5b40d059.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de as they are also known.
> Perhaps some actual, reasoned discussion about the challenges raised by recent 
> events related to the FSFE might be preferable to rather clumsy attempts to 
> play with people's mailing list subscriptions.
> Paul
I think it is trying to do that to me,  I have already removed myself
from the unofficial fellowship list. Now I am getting unauthorized
attempts to remove me from the fsfe.org list

What exactly is going on here please. This is reflecting very very badly
on the fsfe in general.


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