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Sat May 4 00:51:44 UTC 2019

Hi Paul,

Je ven, 2019-05-03 je 23:30 +0200, Paul Schaub skribis:
> For a start, are the allegations of "censorship" regarding the blog and
> newsletters written by Daniel Pocock true? I dislike the word
> censorship, as I can see valid reasons for moderation. Still, is it
> true, that Pococks work in the FSFE is being "moderated" and if so,
> based on what reasons?

I believe the chief complaint is that the FSFE was restructured such
that there are no longer elections for a fellowship representative.
Because Daniel was the representative at the time this decision was
made, he felt that this was an act of censorship.

The rationale for the change was not censorship. It can be found here:

The gist of it is:

- Elections pit contributors against each other, which is not in the
spirit of collaboration.

- There are already other ways to become a GA member.

- And, if you ask me, the idea of a "fellowship representative" is a
little bit silly---surely everyone on the GA aims to represent the
interests of the Free Software community.

Whatever the case, Daniel strongly disagreed. I don't know the full
details of the kerfuffle, but Daniel started a campaign against the
FSFE over this incident, and it hasn't been pretty. Every time we think
it's resolved, something like this happens again.

Daniel was barred from the Debian project over similar behaviour.

> How much moderation is happening on at the FSFE lists?

We have a Code of Conduct[1], but it doesn't see much enforcement to
the best of my knowledge, because most people are excellent people :-)

I hope that clears some confusion. I can't give a more detailed
explanation without either sounding biased or filling in details I
don't actually know.

With kindness,

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