Is there any hope for FSFE?

Reinhard Müller reinhard at
Fri May 3 20:00:24 UTC 2019

Dear Paul,

thank you for your verbose reply.

Am 03.05.19 um 18:00 schrieb Paul Boddie:
>> Am 03.05.19 um 13:48 schrieb Besnik Bleta:
>>> we give the money to lawyers who "helped" us
>>> "safeguard" Free Software through Copyright Directive, right?
>> what exactly do you refer to in this sentence? If FSFE spends money on
>> something, I'm usually among the first ones to know, but I have no idea
>> what you mean.
> I think that there are concerns that the FSFE has not exactly safeguarded the 
> interests of individual members and Free Software initiatives

You are probably right that whether a specific strategy in a political
process was optimal can always be questioned. But that's a different
discussion, and other people within FSFE can better speak about that
than myself.

Besnik claimed that FSFE gave money (even "the money") to lawyers in the
course of that activity. This is an allegation for which I would request
information about on what it is based.

Reinhard Müller * Financial Team
Free Software Foundation Europe

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