Is there any hope for FSFE?

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Fri May 3 19:50:08 UTC 2019

Hi, Karun!

Am 03.05.19 um 18:36 schrieb Karun:
> I think the FSFE needs to change to become an Organisation where the
> FSFE Fellows/Supporters are actually members like many other
> Organisations. For instance I’m a member of Proveg e.v. and there you
> are actually a member and not just a „financial contributor“ like with FSFE.

I just found the minutes of the last General Assembly of Proveg e.V.:
(sorry, only in German).

I noticed two interesting points:

1. Appearantly, Proveg has just introduced a "supporting membership" (in
German Fördermitgliedschaft), i.e. pretty much exactly what the
supporter status is right now with FSFE.

2. According to the minutes, the organisation has 15.000 members, of
which 36 (!) attended the General Assembly. So while Proveg calles all
those 15.000 members, de facto 99.8% of them are financial supporters.

Personally, I do agree with you that the membership base of the legal
skeleton of FSFE (the FSFE e.V.) should be broadened, but I am a strong
supporter of the strategy that membership in this body should be a
privilege of those actively contributing to the work of the
organisation. You are highly welcome to join through this path, as is
everybody else, there are numerous fields within FSFE in which you can

Reinhard Müller * Financial Team
Free Software Foundation Europe

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