[Attention] Do not follow to unsubscribe (was: Hijacking attempt by Daniel Pocock)

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Fri May 3 09:58:19 UTC 2019

Hi Christian,

On 03.05.19 08:00, Christian Imhorst wrote:
> Am 02.05.2019 12:59 schrieb Erik Albers:
>> We will stop this attack as soon as possible and discuss the case with legal
>> experts to take action accordingly.
> can you please tell us what do you want to achieve or what's the result of the
> discussion with legal experts?
> It's not okay what Daniel did and hijacking our maillinglist is a no-go. I
> hope he will clean up the mess asap. But the FSFE should take care and help
> the community to evolve. What we really shouldn't do is to take each other to
> court or to threaten with lawyers.

Well, I am not a lawyer and I cannot say what we will be the result of a
consultation with legal experts. And I agree that bringing a case to court
should be the last option to do.

But try to take for a second the other point of view: We are an organisation
with tens of thousands supporters, followers, friends and volunteers. It is in
the overall communities interest to protect them among other things against
misuse of their data and our infrastructure.

There is nothing more I can say for now because personally I am not further
involved in the process and it is not me to decide if and where the line of
criminal activity has been passed or not.


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