[important] How to remove yourself from fsfellowship.eu

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Thu May 2 14:14:04 UTC 2019

Hi all,

many of you ended up on discussion at lists.fsfellowship.eu without your consent.
The information given by Daniel Pocock of how to remove yourself from the list
was misleading or not working.

The solution to unsubscribe yourself is to send a mail to
discussion-request at lists.fsfellowship.eu with the subject "unsubscribe":

<mailto:discussion-request at lists.fsfellowship.eu?subject=unsubscribe>

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your removal as well as the
option to remove yourself with another email-command. For us the link seemed
to not work but we cannot confirm as we cannot repeat it.
The email command worked succesfully for us.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

No one shall ever be forced to use non-free software
Erik Albers | Programme Manager, Communication | FSFE
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