Hijacking attempt by Daniel Pocock

Thomas Doczkal mailinglist at doczkal.de
Thu May 2 10:12:38 UTC 2019

On May 2, 2019 7:43:44 AM UTC, Michael Kesper <mkesper at schokokeks.org> wrote:
>Dear all,
>It seems that former fellowship representative Daniel Pocock has
>a) set up a mailing list discussion at lists.fsfellowship.eu
>b) subscribed all participants of this list (I guess)
>c) Sent an email asking people to unsubscribe from _this_ list
>Clearly, I did not give consent to b) nor c).
>I hereby ask FSFE officials to use all available legal tools against
>eclatant DSGVO and privacy violations in order to protect its
>Best wishes

I have escalated this to system hackers earlier today. Hope they will be able to action soon.

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