Fwd: [FSFE PR][EN] Copyright Directive – EU safeguards Free Software at the last minute

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at fsfe.org
Fri Mar 29 10:08:36 UTC 2019

Hi Christian,

Am Donnerstag 28 März 2019 18:14:38 schrieb Christian Imhorst:
> This means that on this limited subject the FSFE
> is taken seriously as someone to talk to.
> I can not judge your last sentence, Bernhard, but I hope that's the
> case.

the indicators known to me:
 * Our representatives got appointments with people in Brussels
   when asking for the topic
 * There was one draft were there was an exception for non-commercial
   towards Free Software, we pointed this out, and it got changed.
 * Some other friendly NGOs did not get appointments for their broader
   topics. (We'd wished they would.)

Of course we probably were not the only ones that people talked to,
but this is also part of successful explanations to say something that is 
confirmed by other groups as well.

Well in one meaning it is lobbying, as we try to speak to politicians, on the 
other hand it is edcuation because we give them the same arguments that we 
give everybody, we help them to understand how software and society is 

Best Regards,

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