[FSFE PR][EN] Copyright Directive – EU safeguards Free Software at the last minute

Florian Snow floriansnow at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 28 17:33:13 UTC 2019

Hi Christian,

Just a quick update here:
Edit of 28 March 2019: The original version of this press release urged
the European Commission to act to avoid filtering-monopolies, but our
description of our position on filters was unclear and incomplete. The
FSFE is not, and has never been, in favour of developing "fundamentally
flawed filtering technologies". The FSFE has been fighting against
upload filters since the beginning, e.g., as a signatory of Copyright
for Creativity or Create Refresh, and joined more than 80 organisations
asking the EU member states to reject the harmful Article 13 (now,
Art. 17). The FSFE will support solutions to preserve users' right to be
in control of technology and ethical standards for service operators.

Happy hacking!

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