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Reinhard Müller reinhard at fsfe.org
Sun Mar 3 17:06:10 UTC 2019

Hi, Paul,

Am 03.03.19 um 15:51 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> I don't know whether this is an issue with the FSFE Web site or some real 
> news, but I see the following item on the FSFE front page (https://fsfe.org/):
> """
> Jonas Öberg joins FSFE as Executive Director
> 02 March 2019

Uh, that was a bug in our time machine ;-)

Seriously, there was a typo in the news file, it should of course be 02
MArch 2015 instead of 2019. I now fixed it.

Thank you for reporting!

Reinhard Müller * Financial Team
Free Software Foundation Europe

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